• About Glanway


    "To Lead the Global transformation of residual municipal solid waste (MSW) back into valuable

    resources for a more sustainable future."


    Glanway diverts household residual waste mainly in the Southern Region of Ireland away from landfill & direct mass burn incineration to our Pre-Processing Facility in Belview Port, Waterford, Ireland. Where the waste is processed extracting valuable raw materials for recycling, biomass for composting with the remainder being further processed into sustainable alternative fuels such as refuse derived fuel (RDF) & solid recovered fuel (SRF) for export for the more sustainable heat and electricity production.


    Glanway's 231,500 tonne per year pre-processing and export facility is located 150m from the Bulk and Container Terminals in Belview Port, Waterford. Allowing for very efficient loading of container and bulk vessels minimizing haulage and handling while maximizing bale and fuel quality.



  • Our latest vessel bound for Sweden

    Our latest vessel loaded in the Port of Waterford. The vessel set sail yesterday on a beautiful afternoon bound for Sweden. The ship is transporting just under 3,000 tonnes of baled and wrapped low plastic/ low CO2 RDF!

  • Our Location

    Glanway Office: No.1 Terminal Building, Belview Port, Waterford, Ireland. X91 EH5K

    Glanway Facility: Cap Stores, Belview Port, Waterford, Ireland.