• Our Vision

    “To transform all residual municipal solid waste (MSW) into sustainable raw materials for recycling and sustainable

    energy for heat & electricity, wasting nothing!”

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    Our Mission:

    "To Lead the Global transformation of residual municipal solid waste (MSW) back into valuable resources for a more sustainable future."

    By providing Pre-Treatment Facilities, like our Belview Port Facility, across the World for the processing of residual MSW/black bin waste separating out any material suitable for recycling and preparing the remainder as a fuel for sustainable energy recovery. While in the process creating jobs, a circular economy for waste and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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    Our Why:

    "We firmly believe in the maxim ‘waste not, want not’ especially in today’s evermore

    resource hungry World."

    As a result we tackle the difficult waste streams no one else wants to deal with such as residual MSW - traditionally simply dumped in landfills or sent for mass burn incineration. Residual waste has traditionally been seen as a liability something to be gotten rid of as quickly and cheaply as possible via landfill or mass burn incineration.


    Whereas at Glanway we view residual waste as a challenging but potentially valuable resource. Which if processed innovatively targeting specific recyclables for removal and creating specific fuels for the Waste-to Energy industry with the remainder, can help bring us all on a path to a more sustainable future.